Branch Striking Competition

Saturday 27th April 2013,  Chalgrove

Four teams contested the branch striking competition,  held on the challenging but glorious 16 1/2 cwt ring of 6 at Chalgrove. The  judges were Keith Anderson and Mary Friskney from Wallingford, who commented  that each team had got to grips with the challenge in different  ways.

Striking Competition Chalgrove Church 2013Their comments were:

Benson - the first 80 changes  were rung well with only minor inconsistencies. They then had a problem which  they struggled to recover from and rang more than 120 changes thus incurring  more faults.

Faults: 44. Position: 4th

Little Milton  (this team was made up of those who ring at Little Milton on a Tuesday night and  included some ringers who were also ringing for other teams)

There were  a few full faults, but the main faults were incurred through minor  inconsistencies, which mounted up.

Faults: 38. Position:  3rd

Chalgrove - This was relaxed ringing, perhaps if it had more  drive and purpose it would have been better. There were minor hesitations  throughout.

Faults: 26. Position: 2nd.

Striking Competition Chalgrove 2013Drayton St Leonard  - this was enjoyable ringing, particularly the tenor which was well rung  throughout. Faults were picked up throughout but they were minor and  infrequent.

Faults: 13. Position: 1st.

Thanks to the Chalgrove ringers  for the excellent cakes and drinks.

Hilarie Rogers