All Saints Sutton Courtenay
St. Mary the Virgin Long Wittenham
Long Wittenham Group Photo

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The organisation of a Branch Outing always has a degree of anxiety attached to it for the organiser. Will enough people want to attend? Will the towers be open when we arrive? Will the day go well?

Equally for those attending they too have anxieties. What will the ropes be like when I pull it off for the first time and will I catch the sally? Will I find the towers?

St. Mary the Virgin Sanctuary Long Wittenham
St Mary the Virgin Long Wittenham

The Branch Outing on the 11th October 2008 was very successful an almost all counts. It was well attended, the towers were all open on arrival and for all the ringers the ropes caused no major surprises. The towers were easy to find except for a small group who arrived at what they thought was All Saints Sutton Courtenay only to find, after ten minutes of wondering where everyone was, it was in fact Appleford !!  Rumour has it that this group have a previous track record of getting lost.

I am sure that that everyone enjoyed the morning ring at St Mary the Virgin Long Wittenham and All Saints Sutton Courtenay and our appreciation goes to Hilarie for making it all possible.

Raymond Fergusson