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Grandsire Method

Quarter peal of Grandsire Triples at Great Milton

Qtr of Grandsire triples ringers at great milton

Kay Bartholomew, John D’Aeth, Cathy D’Aeth, Geoff Riglar, Sue Dyke, Andrew Davis, Mark Hunter, Robert Newton

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Quarter peal of Grandsire Doubles at Chalgrove

Quarter peal ringers - Chalgrove

Brian Gray, Andrew Davis, Gordon Smith, Wendy Simon, Jeanette Barrington, Judy Kidman.

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Quarter Peal of Cambridge at Little Milton

¼ Peal at Little Milton

John Tchighianoff, Shirley Smith, John Whitham, Jim Diserens Hilarie Rogers, Helen Diserens

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Quarter peal of Grandsire Doubles at Chinnor

Chinnor ¼ Peal ed

Robert Paterson, Raymond Fergusson, Robert Newton, Kay Bartholomew, Shirley Smith, Gordon Smith

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15 March 2015

1260 Grandsire Triples Rung in 50 mins

Composed by J J Parker

  1. Geoff Riglar
  2. Sue Dyke
  3. Kay Bartholomew
  4. Catherine Hughes-D'Aeth
  5. Andrew Davis
  6. John Hughes-D'Aeth (Conductor)
  7. Robert Newton
  8. Mark Hunter

Rung to mark the retirement of Revd Victor Story as Rector of the Benefice of Great Milton, Little Milton and Great Haseley.


Click the play button, and listen to a 1 minute clip of the ¼ peal captured by Ray Fergusson

2nd July 2010

1260 changes of Grandsire Doubles Rung in 47 minutes.

Conducted by Andrew Davis

The last quarter to be rung on the bells of St. Mary's Church Chalgrove prior to their refurbishment commencing July 17th 2010.

With thanks to Gordon, a regular visitor to our tower from Little Milton.

15th April 2007

When there were just 6 of us at the last Surprise Minor practice, what else could we do but attempt a quarter of Cambridge, which would be Shirley's first if successful? Giving her no prior warning gave her less time to worry! Sadly, the quarter came to grief, but with no time to argue a second attempt with the same band was arranged. The picture shows the band after this attempt was successful - well done Shirley.

17th April 2007

A quarter peal of Grandsire Doubles was successful at St Andrew’s Church Chinnor. The band was as follows:-

1. Kay Bartholomew (Conductor)

2. Shirley Smith

3. Robert Newton

4. Gordon Smith

5. Robert Paterson* (SMV Thame)

6. Raymond Fergusson

* First Quarter inside